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Upcoming Events:

2015 DAAC and Dania Anniversary Dinner

DAAC and Dania would like to invite all to our annual Anniversary Dinner
on Friday October 9th, 2015
at Al's Cafe, 43 Du Page Court in Elgin.
The dinner starts at 6:30pm.
Click here for additional information about the Anniversary Dinner.
Please RSVP to Jan Glintborg
at (847) 742 6158
or email her at jwetherby@aol.com

Introduction to DAAC

The Danish American Athletic Club (DAAC) was founded by a group of Danish immigrants in 1922 and is patterned after similar organizations in Denmark.

The objectives for which the DAAC is originally formed is to act as a center for preserving and uphold Danish culture in America through maintaining classes in the Danish language, gymnastics, folk dance and other cultural subjects as required or needed for the purpose of strengthening the bonds between residents of Danish descent in America. The objective is also to further expand the cultural relations with other Scandinavian ethnic groups in the United States and to act as a source of information in academic studies of the cultural impact of Danish immigration to the United States of America. Any person interested in the "objectives" of the DAAC are eligible for membership, but must be sponsored by a member in good standing.

Currently the DAAC offers Danish language classes, gymnastics classes for children and children's folk dance instruction. All classes meet every Monday night from January through to the Exhibition in April.

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Club Activities

Spring Luncheon
Gymnastics and Folk Dance Exhibition
Talent Show for children
Christmas Party.
Bingo, Gløgg and Æbleskive Parties.
Fastelavns Party - Click here for information about Fastelavn.
Anniversary Party (with DANIA)
Golf Outing
Spring Luncheon. Click here for information.

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For additional information call our President Dan Kjeldbjerg at (847) 949-6667